Wisconsin Regular Fantasy Sports Bill Prepared for Kickoff

Wisconsin Regular Fantasy Sports Bill Prepared for Kickoff

A Wisconsin day-to-day fantasy sports (DFS) will soon make its means back in to their state capital in Madison should a lawmaker stay true to his word.

Just 31 years old, Wisconsin State Rep. Tyler Vorpagel could be better inclined than his legislative seniors at understanding the necessity to regulate daily dream sports.

State Rep. Tyler Vorpagel (R-District 27) revealed his plans this week to renew efforts to classify the contests that are online skill-based engagements. The assemblyman thinks outcomes of DFS games rely more heavily on a new player’s skill and knowledge than pure fortune.

Speaking having a local FOX affiliate in Milwaukee, Vorpagel said he doesn’t think DFS constitutes gambling. The politician explained he will soon fully reintroduce legislation to authorize dream recreations in the Badger State.

In the meantime, the online contests continue to be offered in Wisconsin. And though the NFL season is officially over, the two biggest DFS players, DraftKings and FanDuel, are continuing to offer games on baseball, tennis, soccer, and much more to Wisconsin natives.

Second Go Around

It was an ago last month that vorpagel first introduced a bill to legalize dfs year.

Assembly Bill 800 desired to force day-to-day dream operators like DraftKings and FanDuel to join up with their state’s Department of finance Institutions. The certification process would have feature a one-time price tag of $150,000, and annu Continue reading “Wisconsin Regular Fantasy Sports Bill Prepared for Kickoff”